hD Associates are a B2B consultancy offering wide ranging services, from business planning through to interim management including the management of change, marketing research and crisis management.
Interim Management - Assignments may be short term or extended, tactical or strategic, subordinate or leading, tailored according to the clients needs, but always with a pragmatic approach. An interim management assignment can vary from a few weeks to more than a year with rates varying to reflect the level of interim involvement.
Marketing Research - Covering all aspects of business management, supply logistics, competitor profiling, market analysis, promotional and marketing strategy, customer expectations.
Managing Change - Meeting the challenges of the changing business environment appraising business structure, costing, funding, organisation, product development, quality and processes.
Business Planning - Working with strategic tools, developing business plans and competitive advantage to meet the financial objectives of sales values, margins and return on investment.
hD Associates are doers as well as advisors. They are hands on, pragmatic and experienced.
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The consultancy of hD Associates is based on over 30 years experience of managing market leading SME’s, undertaking strategic projects, acquisitions and interim management.  Working alongside and in collaboration with associates with specialties in Leadership Development, IT, Graphic Design, Marketing and Promotions, hD Associates offer a comprehensive service to business including marketing research, managing change, business planning and interim management.Petrochemical Industry, Building Services, Health and Safety, Employment Services, Refrigeration, Air conditioning, interim management, interim managers, interim executives, business management, supply logistics, competitor profiling, market analysis, marketing research, managing change, business planning business development, organisational change management, change management training, managing organisational change, managing change, change management